The Big Reveal


Care Package Description

April showers bring ... Me To You Box College Care Packages curated with fun products for spring!

Activiva Collapsible Water Bottle With Carabiner Clip

Made with the convenience of portability, this water bottle features a matching carabiner clip and lays flat to conserve space. Just fold & go! Easily fit or clip to a pocket or belt loop. Made with high quality puncture resistant material and a leak proof screw cap.

Beantown Bedding Disposable Travel Washcloths

This 5-pack of convenient compressed washcloths are perfect for travel, the gym or freshening up on the go! Each 2 inch disc expands to a full size when moistened. Simply use and discard. Ideal for your college student's dorm, while traveling abroad or even on spring break!

Every Man Jack Signature Shave Gel

Stock up your student's toiletries with this mint shave gel by Every Man Jack. Chamomile extract soothes and hydrates, aloe + vitamin E heal and protect, glycerin helps skin retain moisture, and a light fragrance refreshes. Designed for all skin types.

Pure Lyft

Give your college student a boost while studying for exams! Pure Lyft's clean caffeine is a simple way to energize any drink in an instant. Four natural flavors included: Orange, Lemon-Lime, Mixed Berry, Original.

Waboba Flyer

The playful answer when your college student needs a study break! The Flyer by Waboba is a cross between hacky sack and badminton. Hit it with hands, knees or feet. Hit it! Kick it! Smack it!