The Big Reveal


Care Package Description

Sending a little bit of sunshine your student's way with the March Subscription Box before they head out for spring break!

Microfiber Towel

Just in time for Spring Break, a study break out on the quad or simply an essential refresh. Soft, luxurious and made from quick drying microfiber. Packaged in a mesh pouch with pull cord drawstring for easy storing or travel. 63" x 31" by Bennkai.

Mint Chewing Gum

Go from coffee breath to minty fresh with Peppermint After Coffee Mint Gum! 12 pieces per pack and 3 packs! Extra B-Vitamins for natural energy. Each purchase of "Hope for Peace" After Coffee Gourmet Gum has helped over 38k students go through anti-bullying programs. Sugar-free and Gluten-free. By Project 7.

Braided Headband

Delicate braided metallic stretch headband with polished signature closure is a must have. Easy to use and instantly adds a stylish look while helping to control fly-aways at the same time. Color is gunmetal. By Knotty.

'At Last" Handcreme

Simply exquisite. Treat yourself to one of the most premium brands on the market. Lush handcreme with botanical ingredients. Rich blend of Macadamia Nut & Avocado Oils with beneficial extracts of Aloe & Shea Butter to hydrate yet absorb quickly. Packaged in a sunny yellow box wrapped in modern white lace petals and a sleeve kissed with gold for the perfect finish. By Lollia.