The Big Reveal


Care Package Description

Tricks are fun, but we are shipping treats! They will "fall" in love with all the included gifts that will remind them of the gorgeous autumn season.

Proraso Shaving Cream

Freshen up your college student's toiletries! Creamy soap formulated with Glycerine to help the blade glide smoothly & reduce razor burn.

Marvis Toiletry Products

Freshen up your college student's toiletries! Mint toothpaste, toothbrush, strong mint mouthwash concentrate.

Modern Made Man Frosted Picasso Stone Bracelet

Stylish men's bracelet by Modern Made Man made with Frosted Picasso stones. Bead size 8mm. The bracelet is designed with sturdy elastic thread. Comfortable to put on and take off, don't be afraid to stretch it. Comes packaged in a Modern Made Man gift box. A perfect accessory for your college student!

Super Seedz

This month's care package sends the taste of Fall! Your college student will enjoy two packs of deliciously seasoned pumpkin seeds! No shells and deceptively healthy!

Magnet Wire Clamp

Make your dorm room desktop clean! This wire clamp holder is an easy way to tidy up your cables.

Jack-Be-Little Pumpkin

Happy Halloween! We've brought the pumpkin straight to you with a real-life mini pumpkin. A college student favorite!

Linda's Lollies Lollipop

A Halloween treat! The very first gourment lollipop. Over 50 exotic & delectable flavors - many never seen before.