The Big Reveal


Care Package Description

September college care packages are on their way to students! This month's Me To You Box is curated with gifts that will be useful, fun and delicious. What a great way to let your students know you are thinking of them while they adjust to life back at school.

Waboba Football

This 6" football by Waboba has “study break” written all over it! Not to mention it's a great activity for pregame fun with friends. The special UV print changes color in the sun. A quick catch with fellow students can help release some energy, reset and refocus.

Kenny's Krumb Cookies

What could be better than the top of the crumb cake! Kenny's Krumbs is exactly that. Expertly crafted in the U.S.A. with no artificial flavor, preservatives, or colors these crunchy crumble cookies are truly unique. A great snack for a long night of studying at the library or simply taking a break in your college dorm room. Large 6oz bag.

Gel Pen

Smooth ink helps college students keep their ideas flowing across the pages of their weekly planner and more.

Weekly Planner Notepad

Keeping track of assignments and tests just got easier. This tear sheet pad fits conveniently in a binder, notebook or backpack so students can stay organized.

Bedside Pocket

This ingenious product slips under students' mattresses and features a large pocket for holding and organizing everything from cell phone & reading glasses to remote control & books. It even has open slots at the bottom corners for college students' charging cables to slip through. Made from timeless, soft wool and felt. Color is light grey. Approx 11" x 9".