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With so many people working at home during this pandemic, sending a little reminder with work at home essentials is a super way to let someone know you are thinking of them and grateful for their continued hard. Ships via USPS Priority Mail within 24-48 hours of ordering excluding Sundays.

'You Rock' Boxed Mug. An uplifting mantra is a perfect reminder for anyone you care about. Your gift recipient will love this boxed 14 oz ceramic mug by Quotable Cards and its sleek matte finish! It is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Unisex Bluelight Glasses. BlueLight+ Lenses are a must-have! These quality glasses by Tomahawk Shades carry many benefits including: Blue Light Filtration, Anti Glare Tech, Reduced Eye Strain, Reduced Back Pain, Prevent Dry Eye, and Many More! These stylish blue light glasses are perfect for gaming, computer usage, driving, and more!

Pour Over Coffee Single. Pour over coffee made easy! With Kuju's ethically sourced coffee grounds freshly sealed inside a Steady-Safe™ pour over filter, all you need to do is anchor to their YOU ROCK mug, pour hot water, and voila! You now have pour over – For Wherever You Wander™.

Screen Cleaning Wipes. Clear and healthy skin starts with a clean screen. Dirt, oil, viruses and germs transfer from our hands to our phones all day long. Then, our dirty phones touch our face each time we answer a call. Help your college student or co-worker combat facial blemishes with this line of personal electronic device cleaners. Each pack contains 15 pre-moistened towelettes. Great for use on cell phones, computer key boards, computer screens, tablets, remote controls and eye glasses. By Well-Kept.

Metallic Retro Pen Set. Classy pens really make difference. Step up someone's writing game with these metallic retro pens. Perfect to keep in a backpack, take to class, use at a desk, do work with in their home office or even have on an interview to make a great first impression. Set of 3 ballpoint pens, 1 millimeter, medium point and black ink.

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