5 Questions with Me To You Box Co-Founder, Brianna Ricks

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

5 Questions with Me To You Box Co-Founder, Brianna Ricks

Me To You Box was started by two sisters – inspired by their children. Grown from their desire to show love from afar, Me To You Box was founded on the belief that one of the best ways to show you care is to give something special "just because." The two began curating and sending college care packages nationwide. Along with her sister, Co-Founder, Brianna Ricks, made it her mission to simplify the process of gift giving to shorten the "distance" between parents and their college students.

Why did you start Me To You Box?

I had a daughter in college entering her sophomore year. How I felt connected with her, other than phone calls and Facetime, was sending her small, but meaningful gifts.This was often very time consuming. 

I went online trying to find care packages with items she would actually think were relevant and useful, but wouldn’t require me running all over town sourcing them, getting them packaged and then sent off. I felt there had to be a better way, but all I found online were packages full of junk food and trinkets. Few offered the convenience of a subscription service and none looked carefully curated with the receiver in mind.

I called my sister and co-founder of Me To You Box and was a bit weepy about sending my daughter across the country for another year of college. Through tears, I also shared my experience about how hard it was getting a great care package together. On that call we decided we could make this work!

Why is the custom curation of your packages so important to you?

In the past my kids received care packages with great intention, but filled with items that they didn't want. I found out they would leave the box out in the quad and let everyone take from it. When you fill care packages with things that aren’t useful to your kids, it really defeats the purpose. My daughter is super health-conscious and my son is a college athlete, so sending them a box of unhealthy snacks doesn’t leave them with the feeling that I care.

I want them to open it and say things like,

Quotes from kids

How do you get such great stuff in your boxes?

We work with buyers to source not only what is trending with students, but also what they would truly find useful and fun. Then we mindfully fill our care packages with a great variety covering our categories of technology, health and beauty, dorm essentials, unexpected trendy goods, and delicious snacks.

What do you love about your job?

We’ve received such great feedback over the years from the students and parents who are clients. I’ve heard so many amazing stories from moms who feel more connected after sending a Me To You Box. My favorite is of a mom who shared with us that her kids always wait to open the box until they can do it together virtually. For the students, they may not be showing it, but they are missing home and family. That homesickness can be met with a meaningful care package and it is the best feeling ever to know we’re bringing families closer during a time of change and transition. I love hearing from students that the best day of month is the day they get a notification that they have a package waiting. 

What’s the next step for Me To You Box?

Our focus is on college students (we sell summer camp care packages too). In the future, we would like to grow our offerings in the Build Your Own Box section of our site to have gifts that speak to adults.  Sending meaningful gift boxes with a personalized message really makes anyone’s day!


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