Designing Your Dorm Room: Making the Most of Your Small Space

Updated: May 7, 2019

Designing Your Dorm Room: Making the Most of Your Small Space

Living in a dorm or a small apartment requires making smart design decisions to maximize each square foot. If you're sharing the space with a roommate this can be even more difficult! With the right decor, your dorm room or apartment can be a retreat— for both solace and fun.

Kim Papageorge

We interview our friend and interior designer Kim Papageorge on the simplest ways to make the most out of your space space.

After more than 25 years in the interior design industry, Kim began her own interiors firm in 2005. Her work reflects her talent to create elegant and functional spaces that are truly a reflection of her clients' everyday lifestyles. 

Here are three easy, but genius tactics for making your small space work for you:

1. Stay Golden

stay golden!

When considering colors for your new space, always opt for lighter rather than darker. Light and bright living spaces are incredibly appealing and welcoming.

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Also, look for opportunities to brighten things up by maximizing natural light. Saying no to blackout curtains and darker fabrics keeps light flowing through your space. When everything can be seen in natural light, you'll also find it easier to keep clean and not let clutter pile up in dark corners.

2. Think Vertically

think vertically!

Small living quarters usually equates to small square footage. Considering all of the wall space available is a smart move. Look for opportunities to move things vertically so you don't use up your floor space or make your place feel more crowded. A vertical filing system that can be mounted on walls, wires with clothespins or a series of floating shelves can make a big difference.

3. Expand the Hidden

expand the hidden!

Closets are already notorious for being small. The benefit of closets expands beyond the storage space. They additionally provide space that is hidden from view.

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Additions of simple towel racks, hand towel rings or other kinds of hooks INSIDE closet space does wonders for maximizing the space for storage. It also makes putting things away and finding them again much easier.

4. Get Organized

get organized!

Clutter can make any small space feel even smaller. From messy cords to a chaotic desk, little changes in organization can make a BIG difference. Utilize cable clips, cosmetic organizers or even a catch-all tray to clean up space.

Quaint spaces can be tricky, but with a little forethought your space can not only reflect your personality, but keep you organized and loving your surroundings!


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