To Have And To Hold: 3 Simple Ideas For Bridesmaid Gift Boxes

Updated: Apr 26

5 Questions with Me To You Box Co-Founder, Brianna Ricks

And, the fairytale unfolds . . . he pops the question and you say, 'YES'! Now the planning details begin right down to honoring your bridesmaids with a special gift box. This seems like it would be the easy part, but sometimes it's the little things that are the most challenging. Me To You Box has 3 simple ideas on what you can do to curate the perfect bridesmaid gift boxes!

1. Select a pretty piece of 'every day' jewelry for your bridesmaids to enjoy after your wedding day is over.

The gesture of gifting your bridesmaids something that they can wear long AFTER the wedding day is over is a great way to keep the memories alive. This delicate HALF MOON NECKLACE is a beautiful accessory that the special women in your life can wear with almost any outfit! It will remind them of what they mean to you each time they put it on.

2. Build your own box with a fun wedding day vibe.

Building a themed gift can be fun and the perfect addition to that which will be the perfect day. Pictured below is an example of a gift that has a 'top of the mornin' vibe featuring a luxurious Turkish linen bath towel, papaya yuzu body lotion, to-go coffee cup and rise & shine shower burst!

3. Curate a gift with a few of your favorite things.

Curating a gift box with a few of your favorite things is a sentimental way to show how much you love and cherish your bridesmaids. Try to choose items that they will love using because they are from you and because they are pretty darn awesome!

Give your bridesmaids a special gift they will remember.

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